There was a meeting held on 5-7 December 2007 in Singapore between the International Advisory Panel (IAP) for the National Addictions Management Centre (NAMC) and the Nation Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). It was set up by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) to advise one another to address the problem of gambling and other addictions.

Before the National Addictions Management Service (NAMS) was set up, in 2002, the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) launched the Community Addictions Management Programme (CAMP). It was a 5-year programme which was made to give comprehensive services for people with addiction problems. As a pilot programme, CAMP was able to treat 1000 patients per year, representing a fraction of the estimated number of individuals which required treatment.

Following that, in 2008, the Ministry of Health decided to set up the National Addictions Management Service, with the intent to meet the growing demand of individuals who required treatment, especially gambling addictions.

NAMS treats many different addiction problems like internet, gambling, gaming, etc, and substance addictions (alcohol and drugs).

They provide also the following services:

  • Assessment and treatment of addictive disorders by a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, counsellors psychologists, and social workers
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Public education talks
  • Training for health care and social service professionals
  • Community liaison to develop services and programmes
  • Addiction Research

The website they have is quite well made. With all the needed explanations and directory a person visiting the website would need. Though, the website could use a little animation or some sort of interaction, to get the interest of the visitor. Also the website does not seem much updated, as i also see that there has not been a training or public talk held yet. They should appoint someone to update the website regularly, as if they do not update their website; it also means they do not really check the feedbacks or any enquiries people leave on the website.

It is not only this website that they could reach out to the people by, they could possibly use other social media websites like Facebook or twitter, to get the people’s attention. As social media websites like Facebook and twitter is trending and many people are currently using it already. Making it a good way or delivering out your message.


Museum Trip

My two favourite exhibits from the museum trip was the southeast asia gallery and the china gallery. It was a fun experience going to the museum and experiencing the different cultures they portrayed.

Firstly, this is an interactive media platform which can be found at the museum. The idea is using the same touch screen way of interacting with the user. This interactive media tool is the first thing that sparked my interest when I got there.

Secondly, this exhibit is whereby the user had to move the mask to their respective area in which after speech bubbles would appear and explain more about the mask exhibit itselfThe idea is specifically for the above mentioned Pejeng-style Bronze Drum.

As you can see from the first interactive media tool, there’s a place whereby they place the headphones. Instead, I would like to place electronic drums in place of that at the side of the interactive platform, while the headphones can be placed in front.

The idea of the drums is so that the user can use them to practice or try out the drum and listen to how it actually sounds like. This can help the user to learn and know more about the drum, as sometimes it’s easier and better to learn more through experiencing the thing first hand. So this drum can be taken as a substitute for the actual thing.

There will be headphones attached too, so as to listen to what you’re playing.

There would also be a composing program in it also, so the user will be able to compose their own music using the drums. You can save it and listen to it some other time also. There would be a USB slot so that you are able to connect to the interactive media platform and save your composed item in your USB device.


As for the second interactive media tool, for the touch screen, I am thinking of using the concept of this exhibit.

By implementing this idea, I would like to have it in the screen instead, whereby you move the drum to its respective area, and it will explain more about it.

Augmented reality: it’s like real life, but better

Augmented reality on the iPhone



Augmented reality – AR, as it has quickly become known. The idea is straightforward enough: take a real-life scene, or (better) a video of a scene, and add some sort of explanatory data to it so that you can better understand what’s going on, or who the people in the scene are, or how to get to where you want to go. It gives you the chance to examine what happened in a situation more carefully.


Complicated way of putting it; Augmented reality is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated sensory input such as sound or graphics.

Simpler way of putting it; Related to mediated reality in which a view of reality is modified (possibly diminished) by a computer.


The reason why I selected this topic was because I did not know much about this topic, and it seemed interesting. All I knew was that it was related to things involving virtual reality. And after reading a little more about this topic, I realised that not only me, but everyone else, should know more about this topic as I would probably think that not many would know what Augmented reality is. Thus, I want to help myself and others too, to learn more by reviewing this topic.

The following are 3 key findings I found interesting and useful about the topics I’ve chosen.

1) Different ways the public are able to use the AR for:

Yelp offers an augmented reality application that will show you ratings and reviews for a restaurant before you walk in – the sort of thing that could make restaurants quiver with delight, or shudder in horror. And of course it will be of much help to the public, to choose which place to dine at.

Another one of the best-known apps is that built by Layar, which – given a location, and using the iPhone 3GS’s inbuilt compass to work out the direction you’re pointing the phone – can give you a “radar map” of details such as Wikipedia information, Flickr photos, Google searches and YouTube videos superimposed onto a picture you’ve taken of the scene.

For Americans, it will also pull in details from the government’s economic Recovery Act – so that if you’re on Wall Street and want to see how many billions went into which building, it will show you.

Or maybe it wouldn’t need to know where it is; only who it’s looking at. A prototype application demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February took things a little further again. Point the phone at a person and if it can find their details, it will pull them off the web and attach details – their Twitter username, Facebook page and other facts – and stick them, rather weirdly, into the air around their head (viewed through your phone, of course).

Information taken from: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/mar/21/augmented-reality-iphone-advertising

2) The use of AR mainly for military purposes(for now):

At Columbia University, computer science professor Steve Feiner and PhD candidate Steve Henderson have created their Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Repair (Armar) project. It combines sensors, head-up displays, and instructions to tackle the military’s maintenance needs: start working on a piece of kit, and the details about it pop up in front of you. Imagine if you could put on a pair of special goggles when you needed to investigate your car’s engine, or a computer’s innards, and the detail would pop up. That’s the sort of idea that Armar is trying to implement, though for the military at first.

Information taken from: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/mar/21/augmented-reality-iphone-advertising

3) It’s fashion which seems to have leapt quickest into this technology:

The T-shirt with AR in London Fashion Week was developed by Cassette Playa, a label that has been worn by famous singers such as Lily Allen, Rihanna and Kanye West.

Carri Munden, who designed it with the Fashion Digital Studio at the London College of Fashion, described it as “mixing reality and fantasy“.

Adidas, too, has launched trainers with AR symbols in the tongues: hold them to a webcam and you are taken to interactive games on the Adidas site.

Information taken from: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/mar/21/augmented-reality-iphone-advertising

Other related topic : Is Augmented Reality Right for Your Business?

This article focuses on some things to consider when pursuing augmented reality as a potential business solution, whether it be a stand-alone application, as part of a website or ecommerce site or as a mobile application.

After reading this article, I found out that augmented reality doesn’t really always work with everything. When using augmented reality as a business solution, sometimes, a customer wants to know more information about the product without being bombarded by information. One example would be; a simple test drive at a car dealership will often tell a person much more about their preference for a specific vehicle more than a sales agent or information packet ever could.

But of course, augmented reality still benefits a lot from other points of view, like for example, clothing outlets, which could benefit from augmented reality by quickly showing how outfits will look on a perspective client without needing to try on everything. This saves the customer time and effort, reduces wear on the clothes, and lets the sales staff focus on the customers rather than on restocking the products.




Augmented reality has helped change the world now in many ways. It has the power to reach and engage people in ways that people might deem impossible a few years back. Now, augmented reality can be employed in almost every industry and across a wide variety of applications and situation. It helps solve many difficulties and problematic situations people might have had in the past. Although not everyone is using it yet, I believe augmented reality might be something almost everyone in the world might use someday.

A little information taken from: http://newgadgetworld.com/is-augmented-reality-right-for-your-business-6-things-to-consider

Drawbacks of Augmented Reality

  • Current performance levels (speed) on today’s [2009] iPhone or similar touch devices like the Google G1 will take a few generations to make Augmented Reality feasible as a general interface technique accessible to the general public.
  • Content may obscure or narrow a user’s interests or tastes. For example, knowing where McDonald’s or Starbucks is in Paris or Rome might not interest users as much as “off the beaten track information” that you might seek out in travel experiences.
  • Privacy control will become a bigger issue than with today’s information saturation levels. Walking up to a stranger or a group of people might reveal status, thoughts (Tweets), or other information that usually comes with an introduction, might cause unwarranted breaches of privacy.


Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • Augmented Reality is set to revolutionize the mobile user experience as did gesture and touch (multi-modal interaction) in mobile phones. This will redefine the mobile user experience for the next generation making mobile search invisible and reduce search effort for users.
  • Augmented Reality, like multi-modal interaction (gestural interfaces) has a long history of usability research, analysis and experimentation and therefore has a solid history as an interface technique.
  • Augmented Reality improves mobile usability by acting as the interface itself, requiring little interaction (this Interaction Design technique is known as Direct Manipulation). Imagine turning on your phone or pressing a button where the space, people, objects around you are “sensed” by your mobile device- giving you location based or context sensitive information on the fly.



1)      If possibly, for the privacy of others, let there be an application of some sort, to let the person accept or decline on whether others can view information of them.

First design(:

Second Design(:

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